An investigation of the United Arab Emirates’ Performance and Progress on PISA Assessments: A Comparative Analysis of Multiple Case Studies

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The participation of nations in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) has seen a significant surge in numbers throughout the last decade. These large-scale assessments contribute to the acquisition of a profound comprehension of the similarities and differences across international teaching and learning environments. PISA has emerged as a prominent tool for assessing the equity, quality, and effectiveness of educational systems. The purpose of this study is to carry out a comparative analysis of UAE performance in PISA assessments in relation to the performance of UK, Singapore, and Finland, identify the variables that contribute to favourable PISA scores, and finally provide the UAE with a set of recommendations and suggestions to promote the achievement of higher results in future PISA rounds, ultimately aiming to improve the country's ranking among other countries. This study employs a comparative approach to analyse multiple case studies, using quantitative methodologies and relying on secondary data sources. The study examines the results of PISA assessments of UAE, UK, Singapore, and Finland across the domains of Mathematics, Reading, and Science throughout multiple rounds. The research emphasizes that the implementation of appropriate reforms in educational systems and promoting educational initiatives, might have a substantial impact on enhancing the performance of UAE in PISA assessments. These findings are drawn from the analysis of experiences in other countries that were included in the study. The study provides significant benefits for policy makers in UAE when they consider incorporating the research suggestions into the development of educational policies, as well as their subsequent implementation. Additionally, the outcomes of this study will serve as a valuable resource for future academics, enabling them to undertake other investigations in a similar vein.
PISA, OECD, United Arab Emirates (UAE), UK, Singapore, Finland, comparative analysis, multiple case studies