The Future of the Internet of Vehicles (IoV)

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This paper examines the Internet of Things (IoT) and its application in the Internet of Vehicles (IoV). IoV combines AI and IoT for real-time monitoring and operation of vehicles. We discuss how the integration of AI and IoT enhances vehicle functionalities through the deployment of sensors, infrared gadgets, cameras, and heat detectors, facilitating advancements in autonomous vehicles. We explore the evolutionary trajectory of the IoV concept and its diverse applications, provide a structured progression of ideas, and shed light on the challenges and potential solutions for IoT. The final section projects the future landscape of IoV implementation, demonstrating how it can revolutionize business operations and this paper aims to bridge current knowledge gaps, stimulate further research, and spark innovative applications of IoV.
This open access book presents contributions on a wide range of scientific areas originating from the BUiD Doctoral Research Conference (BDRC 2023)
Internet of Things IoT, Internet of Vehicles IoV, Artificial intelligence AI, future of IoV, Future of IoT, AIOT
AlGhanem, H., Abdallah, S. (2024). The Future of the Internet of Vehicles (IoV). In: Al Marri, K., Mir, F.A., David, S.A., Al-Emran, M. (eds) BUiD Doctoral Research Conference 2023. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, vol 473. Springer, Cham.