The Perceptions of Science Teachers and Students with Learning Difficulties in Improving and Developing Science Learning in Middle Stage of Private Schools in Dubai

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Studies have shown that one of the biggest barriers preventing students with LD from receiving instructions in fully comprehensive learning environments is that general education teachers lack the necessary skills to adequately reinforce this group of students in that setting. The environment may have an impact on how the material is presented, how students are encouraged to respond (for example, in writing, reading, or speaking), the environment's physical features, and how instruction is scheduled and organized. According to research studies, there are a variety of strategies that should be used when instructing science to students with LD, including the use of technology, which is a useful tool for connecting these students to science curriculum materials, guided science inquiry instructions, and note-taking techniques. Therefore, this research study aimed to investigate 1. science teachers’ perceptions and practices in developing and improving science learning of students with LD and 2. these students’ perceptions toward science learning in middle stage of private schools in Dubai beside 3. the other factors that might affect the students with LD to develop science learning such as parents’ academic qualification and school’s curriculum. Directed by social cognitive theory, social model of disability, Adelman Model of Learning Disabilities, and Fox’s Personal Learning Theories. An explanatory sequential mixed method design was used in this research study, including a science teacher’s questionnaire responded by 156 science teachers, students with LD questionnaire that responded by 110 students of this group, and a semi-structured interview with science teachers. Further, using document analysis to collect more evidence that reflects the science teacher’s practices. The results revealed that there is a positive perceptions of science teachers to develop science learning of this group of students in their science classes and they use the most known strategies and practices related to science learning to make the learning process more effective, but, this effort and potential have been done by their own and the field lacks a guidance and coordination among other stakeholders to direct these positive perceptions. On another hand, the students with LD have low to moderate interest in science learning which might be due to the complicated structure of the science topics. It is highly recommended for the researchers to enlarge the constructs of the study to include the whole country and compare results among the emirates. Key Words: Science Learning- Teacher Perceptions- Learning Difficulties
science Learning, teacher perceptions, learning difficulties