The influence of Control Strategies on Benefits Realization in Construction organizations

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The British University in Dubai
The necessity to control and manage the benefits of projects/programs is being accepted as a method that ensures success of that project or program. Control is accepted as a process that defines, plans and executes the objectives of organizations to ensure business efficiency and succeed business objectives. Benefits realization is perceived as an important aspect of programs and projects management that enables organizations to realize the strategic objectives and create value to the business. The control mechanisms focus on improvement of organizational system and enhancing their capabilities to sufficiently realize their target benefits. This study aims to distinguish the influence of control mechanisms on benefits realization process in construction organizations. This research also investigates the effectiveness of control strategies in organizational management system and addresses its specific features that contribute to the benefits realization process. The theoretical background led to conceptual framework demonstrates that control mechanisms in form of strategic control, administrative control, and cultural control influence the identification, planning, execution, and evaluation phases of benefits realization process. It also helps organizations to sustain current benefits and look for future expected benefits. To assess the information and understanding attained from the literature review, this research study adopted quantitative approach to obtain the data from practical viewpoint of professionals, by designing and distributing a research questionnaire. The questionnaire was distributed to professionals who have experience in construction organizations. The research questionnaire was designed in five sections to obtain the respondent view on benefits realization process and the relevant types of control mechanisms. The research findings have expressed that control strategies have strong relationship with the benefits realization process. It also verified that the strategic control, administrative control and cultural control significantly improve the different stages of benefits realization process and enable organizations to efficiently achieve their target benefits.
control strategies, construction organizations, organizational system