The impact of STEM project-based learning on the achievement of high school students in UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Achieving an effective learning can be achieved by improving the cognitive and scientific skills for the students. STEM (Science technology engineering and mathematics) revealed a wide range of improving student's cognitive and scientific skills.For example, Robert M. Caoraro, Mary Margaret Capraro and James R. Morgan emphasized that STEM PBL helps the students to know how to solve problems. They refer that to the nature of STEM strategy as it describes as an ill-defined task with a clear and complete outcome. This way of thinking improves the student’s cognitive behavior. This improvement because, STEM depends on using problem-based learning to increase literacy by developing the problem solving strategies and the disciplinary knowledge bases. The purpose of the study was to foster the learning through STEM to enhance the students learning by developing their 21st skills, the critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, and the problem solving. In order that the significance of this research is : 1)TO investigate the effects of using STEM -PBL in learning by focusing on the 21st century skills.2)To encourage the students for STEM subjects to be used in learning.3)Meet the United Arab Emirates 2021 agenda to improve the education. This study focus on a higher grades students from grade 9 to 12 boys and girls, ages 14 to 17.So it's aimed to be for the both genders. The study occurred in United Arab Emirates, Al Ain city. The students who participated in this study they also participated in two researches had done on 2017 and there were about STEM. The current study follows a mixed-method design by using different tools: 1) A student's questionnaire with open and closed ended questions. 2) Student's interviews were also used to collect more data. 3) Evaluating the student's developments qualitatively by using rubric through the whole project.4) In addition, a quantitative method was used by analyzing the student's questionnaires.5) A prototype of rover was also used to as an important tools to reveal the impacts of STEM-project based learning on the students achievements by developing their 21st century skills. The current study elaborate the effectiveness of STEM-PBL on learning by revealing a vastly and great interest toward the using of STEM-PBL by students.
Education -- Curricula., Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), high school students, United Arab Emirates (UAE), scientific skills, students learning, critical thinking