Improving Emergency Response Communication In Race Circuits

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The research discusses and evaluates a way to improve emergency response communication systems in race circuits.The traditional emergency response communication system used in race circuits depends mainly on vocal communication and surveillance cameras. As a fact, the use of communication over radio connection (walkie-talkie) makes great challenge in interpreting reports sent by responders since the noise and different accents in responders’ crews, which might encounter great threat and delay in response time.Furthermore, cameras blind spots and angles might decrease the certainty of the incident scene. In contrast, the proposed emergency response communication system deploys wireless network aside with handheld devices and all other circuit technologies to send or receive instant messages between the control unit and the responders. Depending on image and text representation, that describes the scene status and the help needed cuts out the time spent in interpreting a call and dispatching the emergency rescue crews. In addition to data transmission, the solution will collect and manage data for later investigation and use.
emergency response communication, race circuits