Attitude and Readiness of Teachers to Impart Value Education: Exploring Teachers’ Experiences and Views from a Private School in Sharjah

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This research sought to examine teachers' attitudes and readiness towards imparting value education at a private school in Sharjah. It aimed to explore existing literature on the subject, measure teachers' attitudes using a quantitative questionnaire, and gain deeper understanding through a qualitative questionnaire. The research was guided by four questions, investigating the attitudes and readiness of teachers to impart value education, perceptions of teachers' attitudes in recent research, teachers' own attitudes and readiness, and their experiences and views towards imparting value education. The findings from the quantitative data revealed that the majority of teachers have a positive attitude towards teaching value education and feel comfortable, satisfied, and confident in doing so. Furthermore, a statistically significant moderate positive correlation was found between teachers' attitudes towards and readiness for imparting value education. In addition to the quantitative findings, the qualitative data offered deeper insights into the themes of importance to teachers. These themes included the necessity of collaboration and partnerships, the call for extensive teacher training and professional development, the integration of value education across all subjects, the utilization of technology and resources, the importance of practical examples and real-life contexts, the promotion of moral and ethical standards, and the awareness of mental health. The study's findings provide useful insights for schools and policymakers in UAE and beyond, informing strategies to enhance the effective teaching of value education. The findings underline the importance of comprehensive teacher training, collaborative efforts among educators, and the integration of technology and real-life contexts in teaching. It also highlights the need to consider the moral, ethical, and mental health aspects of education.
value education, teachers’ experiences, private school, United Arab Emirates (UAE)