Investigating the effectiveness of using tablets to teach dyslexic students: a case study of a government school in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This report indicates the effectiveness of using tablets in teaching children with learning difficulties, dyslexia, in a government school in the United Arab Emirates. The objectives of conducting this research are: 1) to develop a better comprehension of dyslexic children's circumstances to design helpful teaching methods and improve the learning progress, 2) to specify the capacity to which tablets could reinforce improving teaching strategies or teachers' performance in instructing dyslexic students, and 3) to suggest tablets' applications or features that can be applied as practical education strategies that facilitate learning. The investigation focused on one question: "How can tablets influence the development of dyslexic students' performance in learning languages, Arabic and English?". The report was supported with various educational articles and resources to launch an overview of better teaching dyslexic children using tablets. It discussed significant elements: the introduction, including policy considerations of inclusive education, the literature review, methodology, the findings, and the discussion of the data collected with the recommendations for future research. In the United Arab Emirates, the government supports equal rights for all people and provides exceptional educational services and inclusion in government schools. They motivate people with learning difficulties to collaborate and contribute to the community by improving their exceptional abilities and skills that could be used in their future growth.
dyslexic students, government school, United Arab Emirates (UAE), learning difficulties, inclusion