Investigation into teachers' reflective practices of applying gamification in a hybrid learning context

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The ubiquitous availability of classroom technologies has invoked a stern migration from the normal lectures in classrooms which is traditional to one which is delivered in an integrated and digitalised environment of learning. These environments for learning which are interactive provides teachers with the opportunity to change their process of teaching by the incorporation of elements of games and these can be seen in this study as a driving force for motivating students towards their goals and for promoting competition, capturing the attention of students, fostering effective teamwork, and also communication. A systematic review of literature is presented in this paper for the systems of game-based learning along with different implementations of gamification and the framework which integrates the design of the elements of games in the context of higher education. Furthermore, some previous research works on the field were gathered from different database for this review. The overall aim and objective was to understand and identify the way systems of learning which are gamified can be applied in higher education along with their usefulness and influence. Findings derived from this research can enable universities of higher education to explore and employ teaching systems and efficient gamified forms of learning which can improve the overall performance, motivation, and engagement of students. Therefore it is highly recommended for gamified learning to be applied in higher education in order to enhance the learning experience of students and to increase their motivation.
classroom technologies, higher education, gamification, digitalised environment