The Influence of Innovation Strategy Diffusion on the UAE Public Sector Initiatives Outcomes

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Innovation in the public sector has been a challenging task given that private sectors across the United Arab Emirates prove more competitive. The current statistics show that the scale and nature of challenges in public-oriented businesses need a government response that goes beyond incremental improvements to enforce the real changes. Among the project models that foster best outcomes include the project, programs, portfolio, strategy, and government councils. Studies done on public sectors reviews the knowledge needed to foster a rational connection between the social and economic outcomes, the diffusion sense of innovation and the public-oriented business goals. The study aims at establishing key approaches to innovation diffusion in the public-oriented business entities. The business models including the project, programs, portfolio, and government councils have a direct impact on targeted changes from innovation integration. However, the study performed an in-depth review of public sector innovation models contributing towards a successful innovation diffusion across the sector. The research relies on the previous similar studies developed on the basis of innovation in the public to build a strong foundation for the study. The reviewed articles and selected for this study will not have a specified limitation in terms of chronological concept to create a wide informed source of information. Quantitative method of closed questionnaires across the identified business models was used to assess the innovation diffusion and enhance meeting of the study purpose. The selection of participants from the public-oriented institutions ensured the researcher meets the objectives for which the study is conducted. Employees in federal and local entities in the UAE were selected as respondents. Descriptive analysis of collected data used to measure variability and skewness of factors that affect innovation diffusion in a public sector. Corrleation and regression analyses conducted to explore the association between study main constructs (innovation practices, innovation skills, potential innovation outcomes). Besides, the research further investigated the mediator role by innovation skills concerning the association between innovation practices and outcomes. The results of the study successfully confirmed the mediation role of the innovation model. Integrating innovation diffusion across the public sector has a vital contribution to the social and economic success in UAE. The key strategies to enhance diffusion in the public sector will continually make the state-owned enterprise more competitive and in position to offer quality goods.
innovation strategy diffusion, United Arab Emirates (UAE), public sector