Thwarted Career Ambitions from the Outset of Graduation

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The mismatch between an individual’s education and job recently has received greater interest and attention in the literature. This research focuses on the disappointed career ambition of young expatriate Indian women living in the UAE since their childhood years who have completed their undergraduate degree in various chosen fields, but have been unable to find a job consistent with their interests. This dissertation reports the findings from a qualitative interview study of three undergraduate Indian females between the ages of 23-25 years, who have graduated over the last two years and are currently employed in jobs which are definitely not their first priority. The interviews conducted concentrated on narrative and episodic approaches for understanding the interviewees’ life stories, career, and future in the context of disappointment and unsuccessful career ambition reported by the three interviewees over a period of two years The research concludes by analyzing the various coping strategies adopted by the participants and also provides recommendations on ways which they might be able to find a job of their choice
graduates, career development, United Arab Emirates (UAE), labor market, higher education system