The Impact of Speech and Language Difficulties on Teaching and Learning in a Dubai International School

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This study focuses on the impact of speech and language difficulties on teaching and learning in a Dubai international school. It provides an overview of how speech and language develops from infancy through to adolescence and possible communicative difficulties which may arise. It investigates teacher confidence and professional knowledge with regard to teaching children with speech and language difficulties in a mainstream setting. It ascertains the level of managerial awareness and support with regard to policy and structures in place to cater for the needs of children with speech and language difficulties. A review of current practices and procedures to support children with speech and language difficulties is aligned with best practice in accordance with current literature and research findings. Recommendations are made with regard to pre-service and continued Professional Development in the area of speech and language difficulties and transparency with regard to enrolment of children with Special Educational Needs. Greater collaboration between parents, staff, the Ministry of Education, professional support bodies and the wider community is advocated. Further research with regard to the how children with speech and language difficulties are supported in private schools in Dubai, is recommended.
speech and language difficulties, teaching and learning, Dubai, adolescence, professional development, Special Educational Needs (SEN)