The Influence of Risk Determinants and the Project Environment on the Successful Delivery of Software Development Projects

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
While the literature has widely discussed the adverse effect of risk factors on software project success, there has been a lack of empirical examination of this relationship, particularly in the software development industry. Particularly, the existing literature on cognition lacks a unified conceptualization of risk factors. Few studies have looked at the association between risk variables in the area of successfully completing software development projects, according to a study of the literature. Additionally, only a small number of research have explored how the project environment influences both risk factors and success of project. This study proposes a structural model in which risk factors (i.e. development-environment, product-engineering, and program-constraints-associated risks) directly impact the successful delivery of software development projects in the federal government of the UAE. Further, project environment (i.e. stakeholders, resources, market and culture) mediates the association among risk factors and the successful delivery of software development projects in the federal government of the UAE. The survey-based technique was used to gather information from 250 IT employees assigned to projects of the software development in the federal government of the UAE. The PLS-SEM technique was employed in this study. The reliability, validity, and goodness of model fit and the hypotheses were tested. Findings indicate that the risk factors (i.e. -, development-environment, product-engineering and program-constraints-correlated risks) have significant direct negative effects on the accomplishment of projects of related to software development projects. This study significantly contributes to the existing knowledge by providing a comprehensive model of risk factors in software development projects, particularly within the UAE federal government context, and by unveiling the mediating role of the project environment in the relationship between risk factors and project success. This not only enriches the understanding of risk management in software projects but also offers valuable insights for practitioners in managing risks effectively in the public sector.
risk determinants, software development projects, project environment, IT projects, risk management, UAE federal government, United Arab Emirates (UAE)