Factors Impacting Patient Loyalty in the Government Hospitals of Dubai: How can we Reduce Patient Attrition?

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract Patient attrition in the government hospitals of Dubai has emerged as a critical concern in recent years, highlighting the need for comprehensive research to address this issue. This quantitative research study aims to unravel the intricate interplay between integrated care, patient safety measures, doctor quality, and patient attrition within the context of government healthcare facilities in Dubai. Patient attrition, often referred to as patient turnover or the loss of patients from a healthcare facility's care continuum, has been a growing challenge faced by government hospitals in Dubai. Factors contributing to patient attrition include patients seeking care outside the government healthcare system, discontinuing treatment prematurely, or experiencing dissatisfaction with the care they receive. Understanding the underlying causes and relationships between various healthcare variables is crucial to mitigate patient attrition and improve the overall quality of care in government hospitals. The research questions encompass a broad spectrum of factors influencing patient attrition and healthcare performance in the unique healthcare landscape of Dubai. The study delves into the extent of integrated care provided to patients, the correlation between patient safety measures and patient attrition, the impact of patients' perceptions of doctor quality on their healthcare-seeking behaviour and the specific aspects of integrated care influencing patient safety. Additionally, it investigates how the integration of patient care affects doctors' performance and development, and how doctor quality impacts the implementation of safety protocols in patient care. To achieve these objectives, this study employs both Statistical Package for Social Sciences and Partial Least Sqaure Method for a comprehensive quantitative analysis tailored to the context of government hospitals in Dubai. The research hypotheses guide the investigation, positing the positive significant effects of integrated care, patient safety, and doctor quality on patient attrition. Furthermore, the research explores the mediating roles of patient safety and doctor quality between integrated care and patient attrition, as well as their combined mediating effect. This research aims to provide valuable insights into optimising healthcare delivery within government hospitals in Dubai by shedding light on the relationships and mechanisms underlying patient attrition, patient safety, doctor quality, and integrated care. The findings will be essential for healthcare administrators, policymakers, and practitioners, offering evidence-based strategies to enhance patient satisfaction, safety, and the overall experience in the government healthcare system of Dubai. Key words: Customer Attrition Patient Attrition Integrated care of patient Patient safety Quality of doctor