An Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Implementation of the Mathematics ‘Assessment for, as and of Learning’ Strategy in a Primary School in Dubai

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The effective implementation of classroom assessment is central to a successful teaching and learning cycle. The present study aims to assess the effectiveness of the implementation of the mathematics ‘Assessment for, as and of Learning’ strategy in a primary school in Dubai. Participants in this study were six third grade students grouped into three groups (low, middle, and high achievers) together with the primary Math coordinator and a classroom teacher. The study employed four research methods: classroom observations, analysis of some students’ assessment work, semi-structure interview with the coordinator and teacher as well as students focus group discussion. The findings revealed that the ‘Assessment for, as and of Learning’ strategy is mostly effectively implemented in mathematics providing an efficient data collection resource that measures students’ understanding and informs future teaching instructions. Still, some challenges arise from the need to differentiate assessments, features of online testing, and the inconsistent feedback. Discussions were then made on these issues in the classroom and the expected effect on students’ learning. Therefore, implementing ‘assessment for, as and of learning’ strategy in mathematics has an operative effect on students’ learning progress but should take into consideration the implied challenges.
assessment, learning, formative, summative, mathematics