Investigating the Impact of an Online Coaching Programme for Educators

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Coaching has recently grown into a popular professional development intervention, and its effect on teachers and school leaders has been documented in the literature. Coaching in education supports teachers’ professional development, improves teacher efficacy and enhances student achievement. However, despite these reported benefits, little research has been conducted on coaching in the context of education compared to other disciplines and fields. The current case study aims to address this gap in the literature by providing insights into understanding coaching in an educational context by exploring the impact of an online coaching programme (i.e., Coaching for Educators) on a group of teachers, school leaders and coaches. The study also highlights the value of coaching as an effective professional development tool as well as its challenges in the context of education. The study follows a mixed-method approach utilizing both quantitative (i.e., survey instrument) and qualitative (i.e., interviews) tools. The evidence base afforded by both sets of data suggests that online coaching provides opportunities for learning and development for both educators and coaches, and promotes a culture of ongoing learning. The findings of the study also underscore the significance of collaborative processes and reflection as a result of the coaching conversations. Recommendations for policy, practice and research are made based on the findings of the study.
online coaching programme, educators, professional development, teachers’ professional development, teacher efficacy, student achievement, school leaders