Managing uncertainity in strategy execution in the transportation sector of the United Arab Emirates

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The purpose of this research is to identify strategies for resolution and better management of uncertainty. Uncertainty exists in many forms. Some uncertainties can be managed while others cannot.This dissertation studies the management of strategic uncertainty in a large organization RTA and evaluates its impacts on strategy execution. It then considers uncertainty in relation to corporate communication, knowledge and contract management.The secondary research develops propositions about uncertainty based on literature review of generic theories of the environment and strategy execution under various uncertainties. Uncertainty is categorised based on the levels of uncertainty and a group of experts selected from two main agencies (public transport & roads and traffic) are interviewed and the data analyzed based on grounded research methods. Discussion on the propositions in the light of the study’s findings shows that the transportation sector is a highly uncertain and complex environment, however, RTA has managed to contain uncertainty within acceptable levels. Uncertainty persists due to internal factors including project interdependencies, lack of human resources development plans and the need for more information and integrated planning. These constraints and setbacks often lead to ad-hoc requests and random changes in priorities. External uncertainty is related principally to resources and demand changes The recommendations cover internal strategies such as integration strategies, adopting an organic mangement system and focus on knowledge management processes and corporate information needs to minimize uncertainty. It is proposed that further studies are conducted in the domain of business and strategic management.
transportation, uncertainty, public transport, United Arab Emirates (UAE)