Why IT Projects Fail in Dubai Government Sector, what is role of the PM in IT Project Failure

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This paper describes the results of a qualitative study to develop a framework to help organizations to embed useful project management in the IT Project industry. The paper is specifically aimed at identifying key factors of Information Technology (IT) in the UAE government sector (Dubai) based on the conditions encountered in different organizations of this study. The paper discusses Information Technology (IT) failures in Dubai, involved critical topics that are also relevant to the research paper. These topics include IT projects, project management, and the relationship between project management and Information Technology (IT) software projects. The research determined that project management has a critical role in facilitating the IT software project success. The research identifies and discusses eight causes of project failures. They are identified as poor project manager’s skills and experience, poor project plan, weak business case, the lack of resources/budget management, the lack of top management involvement and support, the lack of stakeholder involvement, and inadequate organizational culture with example of true stories the interviewee had face. Information technology is an integral part of the United Arab Emirates’ public sector. This is mainly a result of the modern society’s need to increase the level of efficiency and quality of service delivery in the public sector. The main objectives focus on identifying the factors that lead to IT software project failures in the government sector, the lessons learned as a result of these failures, and measures to implement in order to overcome these issues. All recommendations are viable and they cover the measures aimed to address the identified causes of IT software project failures in Dubai and in the UAE in general.
IT projects, Dubai government sector, project management, IT project industry, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Information Technology (IT), software projects, organizational culture, project failures, public sector