Employee’s Strategic Alignment Effects on Employee’s Performance, the Mediating Role of Employee’s Engagement

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This research explores employees' strategic alignment Impact on employee engagement and performance. Moreover, the study investigates the mediation role of employee engagement in this set of relationships. Accordingly, the main research question is, "what is the impact of Employee strategic alignment on employee engagement and performance". Previous studies have approached strategic alignment, shared goals, and their impact on employee performance and engagement. Nonetheless, there is not enough empirical research regarding employees' strategic alignment and their impact on employee performance and engagement in a governmental organisation. Furthermore, this research looks into the function of employee engagement as a mediator; investigating the mediation role helps in understanding the mechanism by which alignment might affect employee performance and whether this impact is direct or indirect. The employee's strategic alignment is addressed depending on Kaplan and Norton's (2001c) work regarding the strategic-focused organisation, whereby principle three, "Make strategy everyone's everyday job", is the centre of this research. Employee strategic alignment is investigated through three dimensions: creating strategic awareness, defining personal objectives and linking compensations to performance. In order to explain the hypothesised relationship in this research, three theories were followed, the Goal setting theory by Edwin Locke, the Job demand-resources (JD-R) model by Baker and Demerouti, and the engagement theory by Kahan. This investigation follows a positivism philosophy with a deduction approach; the research is quantitative that adopts a survey strategy. It is cross-sectional in time and relies on random sampling techniques and a questionnaire as a data-gathering tool.
employee engagement, employee performance, strategic alignment, mediation role, United Arab Emirates (UAE)