"Building Information Modeling (BIM)” Implementation in Construction project and its effects in dispute avoidance and resolution

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
BIM implementation in Construction project and its effects in dispute avoidance and Resolution is the topic of this study. In this dissertation, the effect of implementation on BIM associated with the disputes, claims, and litigation, along with the required changes for the standard form of contract and legal framework will be discussed. Therefore, it can be stated that this research will be significant for the policy makers and the builders of the UAE. This research has highlighted the implementation of BIM for the purpose of dispute avoidance. Moreover, the modification in the standard form of contracts and in the legal systems in the process of BIM adoption has also been clearly discussed in this study. It is recommended to the construction lawyers to consider the applicable regulation, laws and relate them with the BIM in order to address and define the challenges associated with the BIM and also identify how these challenges can be handled. The clauses related to confidentiality of the design or the other information which the construction team members reveal must be considered as this information are sensitive commercially and the non-disclosure agreements or separate confidentiality can also be included in the laws related to BIM.
Building Information Modeling (BIM), construction project, dispute avoidance, law