Transformational Leadership and Successful Practices during Crisis Time: an Exploratory Case Study in the Context of a Private University in Dubai

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This case study aims to explore and investigate the transformational leadership’s best successful practices that led to lifting the probation status according to the Licensure and Academic Accreditation 2011 (CAA) Standards in the context of a private university in Dubai. Also this exploratory case study aims to discover the effects of the transformational leadership style on the change process in order to draw lessons about successful transformations and effective crisis management. The researcher used qualitative methods to collect data, like: conducting individual semi structured interviews, open ended interviews, focus group interviews, analyzing documents and observing classes and educational activities. The sample included the University’s President, ten members of the College Council, two groups of students, an Educational Expert from Zayed University and non- academic members. The INViVO Software was used to analyze the obtained data and to make tables. The findings indicated the participants’ perspectives and experiences about the transformational leadership and the effective procedures that led to lifting the probation status, obtaining the CAA accreditation and improving the overall performance of the educational establishment. Also the participants ranked the factors that led to success according to importance. The study could serve as a road map that helps the educational leaders who struggle with overcoming the probation status and achieving academic sustainability to benchmark with the best practices of the university under study. It demonstrated the successful procedures of change in order to improve the overall performance of the educational organizations during crisis time. The study demonstrated a model for the most effective procedures that could be done to lift the probation status and to obtain the formal academic accreditation. It also suggested Growth Indicators that could measure overall performance progress. Finally, it provided solutions and recommendations to the educational leaders in order to overcome the probation crisis and improve the overall organizational performance.
Education, Higher -- Administration., transformational leadership, organizational performance, United Arab Emirates (UAE), educational leaders