A study on Teaching French as a Foreign Language in Oman: An Exploration of Students' Perceptions about Learning French

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The current study intended to identify the perceptions of grade 11th Omani students towards learning French as a foreign language (FFL) at Sohar Secondary School in Sohar, the Sultanate of Oman. The researcher attempts to find out the difficulties encountered by the learners regard learning French as a foreign language by exploring their opinions and where these difficulties lie. Furthermore, teachers of French language in the school were involved in this study where the researcher tries to recognize these difficulties from the teachers' point of view. The sample was selected randomly and was consisted of (6) male students of grade 11th. A questionnaire was developed after reviewing the educational literature related to the language learning difficulties especially French language. Students' responses were analyzed and tabulated. Evidenced by the results from this study that most of the students generally showed positive attitude towards learning of French regardless the difficulties they encountered. From the teachers' point of view, the high level of learning difficulties was related to the student. This study will be beneficial for teachers' training sessions and curriculum development.
foreign language, Oman, students' perceptions, learning French, language learning difficulties, curriculum development