Peter’s day: The Education Experience of a child with Lennox Gastaut Syndrome

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This dissertation researches a unique special education need, Lennox Gastaut Syndrome 1(LGS) within the context of the United Arab Emirates. The purpose of this research is to provide an alternative source of information regarding LGS with education in particular as the focus. The resultant aim is to promote children with LGS being educated and accepted in educational settings and to provide and develop recommendations based on this research which will facilitate future developments. The research was based on qualitative research methods where a case study approach was implemented to obtain detailed data in order to define and determine the range of possible characteristics associated with LGS and their possible affect on the education process. The actual observed characteristics of the child and understanding of the holistic realities he faces each day with the focus on the impact this has on the education process he is exposed to was examined and discussed in relation to the existing theory available and information gathered from interviews etc. Possible recommendations and strategies which can be developed to facilitate and improve on the education process of this child and other children faced with similar situations are then discussed further including aspects of inclusion relevant to this case. On reflection at the end of the proposed research it is hoped that a contribution has been made to the field of educational research through having achieved an understanding of the holistic realities this child faces each day and the impact this has on the education process he is exposed to. In concluding this contribution opens the way forward for further studies by highlighting the need for additional research on this subject.
education experience, Lennox Gastaut syndrome, Special Education Needs (SEN), United Arab Emirates (UAE), educational settings, education process, educational research, education, epilepsy