The Factors That Influence Emirati High Schools Student When They Choose a Higher Education Institution in Dubai

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This study investigates the factors that influence Emirati high school students when they select a higher education institution in Dubai. The sample of the study was Emirati grade 12 students from two private and two government schools in Dubai. A questionnaire was the instrument used to explore the factors that influence their college choice decisions and the information sources they depend upon when seeking information about universities and colleges. Factor analysis was the statistical technique used to analyze and simplify the data. Based on this analysis technique, the findings showed that there are two major factors that influence Emirati high school students’ college choice: academic and personal factors. After a comparison of means, the variables that influence high school students’ college choice were ranked by importance. The results are as follows: accreditation, student attainment, student educational aspirations, employment, availability of program majors, advice from others, cost and location.
Emirati high school students, United Arab Emirates (UAE), higher education institution