Government Data Governance and Management Frameworks Positive Collaborations, to Enhance Data Sharing and Efficiency of Government Services in Smart Cities

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The conception of the word smart in smart cities; is often perceived, as cities that are aiming to improve its functions across various sectors, through the adoption of (smart) digital technologies. These cities value up the citizens prospective through services focused on innovation driven and data sharing; consequently, or in simple words embarking and enabling data sharing and offer smart services across the city. Smart Governments globally (including United Arab Emirates) built on complex and diverse systems; aiming to change the way services are delivered and consumed. Government entities will have access to and hold a significant variety of data, however, only a subset of this, will be made available to share with other authorized entities or with the public, either because the rest is not relevant, or due to security restrictions preventing further dissemination. Therefore, Governments need to outline common processes to follow when contributing data, This dissertation, through presenting a holistic review will cover three pillars, first pillar; is to highlight the gaps and challenges governments are facing on the backbone to a successful implementation for integration of government systems and services-, which is the Data. And that any data centric model strategy including the smart cities, should think of process not only technology when it comes to data. Second pillar in this paper will elaborate on the components of data governance and data management, and the human resources needed in every government entity to adopt the data governance and support the transformation. Third pillar; will demonstrate the United Arab Emirates best practice, regarding issuing the data management and governance framework. In addition to two, real use case of integrated services, to show the coloration between having the proper data governance and the success of integrated services, maximizing the utilization of the technology and reduce the cost and time of fixing the data to fit to purpose. I would like to focus that the smart/ digital cities need more integrated services; not more data.
government data, data sharing, government services, United Arab Emirates (UAE), smart cities, digital technologies