A Comparative Snapshot of the Inclusion Jigsaw: Learning Support Provision for Primary Learners with Special Educational Needs within Three Private Mainstream Schools in Dubai

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This study investigates how primary learners with special educational needs in three private mainstream schools in Dubai are supported, with a focus on specific practices put into place to assist their learning and subsequent inclusion within their school. To bring coherency and utility to the data uncovered, findings and discussion are based on four key areas of inclusive practice, termed here as the 'Inclusion Jigsaw'- learning objectives, teaching activities, access arrangements and the learning environment. By first portraying each of the three schools involved in the study against the backdrop of the Inclusion Jigsaw, an attempt is made to compare these three fractals, highlighting best practices and inclusive standards that are very much both available and practicable to schools in the United Arab Emirates that wish to become more inclusive in their thinking and application. Limitations to operationalizing support provision are also examined through this comparative study. Both findings and discussion of data collected cover three different curricula common to the UAE, in the hope that this study is useful across the board in its recommendations for future learning support set-up and practice, in the multicultural setting of this land.
inclusive education, learning support, Special Educational Needs (SEN), inclusive pedagogy, cross-case analysis, comparative case study