The Impact of Implementing Maturity Models on IT Project Performance

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Recently, many models of maturity have emerged in IT sector, and there are few research studies on their benefits and impact on projects performance. The main aim is to study the impact of implementing project management maturity models on IT project performance. The quantitative approach was used by measuring the implementation of four basic principles shared by all maturity model. In addition, secondary research methods were used to collect data on the implementation of maturity models from academic journals, articles, and online books. A survey was conducted as a primary research method to collect data from employees of various job roles working in IT organisations. This survey is designed in three sections, the first for demographics, the second for measuring maturity models implementation, and the third for measuring project performance. Survey questionnaire was published by sending it electronically to 300 IT professionals representing the study population. 192 responses were received and therefore the participation response rate was 64%. Appropriate scientific analysis methods were used to analyze the data, including descriptive analysis, reliability, correlation, linear regression, and multiple regression. This research found that the implementation of maturity models have a significant relationship with the performance of IT projects, and plays an important role in influencing. The research offers a set of recommendations, including: To improve the performance of IT projects, it is recommended to implement the project management maturity models, with an emphasis on process improvement activities. It is recommended that IT organizations start spreading awareness of maturity models and adopt their own improvement policies.
project management, maturity models, IT sector, project performance, IT projects