A Framework for Designing A Data Center

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The role of information has changed drastically during the past century. The advent of information technologies has reshaped most of the operations and processed in nearly every sphere or area. Businesses, governments, non-profits, and many other organizations of different kind faced the major challenge: it was mandatory to adapt to the upcoming changes, implementing technologies that were supposed to allow to collect, process, and store huge volumes of data, generated within new reality. The need in data centers has emerged. Modern data center is a complex system that includes networking, hardware, software, and organizational solutions, targeted at achieving highest effectiveness, protection from inside and outside threat, and provision of adequate redundancy. The major task of a data center built for a business, government facility, or non-profit organization is interruptible and continuous access to information stored in it. Therefore, appropriate policies and techniques must be utilized during the process of planning, building, and maintaining of data center. They are carefully reviewed in this research. To achieve the best possible result, extensive review of the relevant literature was performed to distill the best practices in the industry. Pitfalls and gaps were explored as well to develop the best and well-optimized approaches to the data center creation process. It has been decomposed to the following blocks that were thoroughly assessed: physical characteristics of an appropriate location site, basics and advancements in the networking technologies, hardware and software solutions, organizational issues, threats, and security assurance measures. Additionally, the relevant conclusions were drawn to be used for the development of recommendations.
data center, networking, organizational solutions