The Impact of Managerial Risk factors on Building information modeling Performance in the Construction Industry

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
"Recently, most of the countries are trying to implement BIM for all the construction projects due to the increase of project size and complexity. Moreover, the many benefits that software is offering to the construction projects encouraged the project managers to use BIM to monitor their projects. On the other hand, there are many challenges facing BIM implementation and affecting its performance. These benefits and challenges inspire researchers to exert more efforts in order to increase the benefits of the software and reduce the negative impacts of BIM on the construction industry. This research has been particularized to identify the impacts of the managerial risk factors on the BIM performance in the construction industry related to coordination, standard of efficiency, experience and cost. The researcher has used both qualitative and quantitative methods to explain the objectives of the study. The quantitative part was carried out through an online questionnaire and a hard copy survey distributed to a population working in the same field to get the feedback about the topic of the research. The total accepted questionnaires were 85 out of 110 distributed questionnaires. The collected data were analyzed by using statistical package for social sciences to measure the accuracy of the data. Several analysis methods were used by SPSS such as descriptive statistics, reliability analysis, one-way ANOVA analysis and Tukey test. The researcher found that there are serious impacts of the managerial risk factors on BIM performance in the construction projects. The software provides control measures to mitigate the influence of these factors on the success of BIM implementation. However, this study discusses the managerial risk factors affecting BIM and does not cover the other risk factors that also has a negative impact on the software. Accordingly, it is highly recommended to perform further studies to identify the impacts of the other risk factors that influence the software performance for example technical and contractual risks and clarify the required measures to control its influences on the BIM and project success. "
BIM, project success, BIM performance, managerial risk, construction projects