Case Study into the impact of Exam Based Classes on students’ English Language proficiency in Secondary Technical Schools and Vocational Education Development Centre in the United Arab Emirates

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This study investigates the most effective type of English classes for Vocational Education Development Centre and Secondary Technical School students in the United Arab Emirates. Exam based classes, in comparison to general English classes, can be the answer to the laid back attitude of students in the two institutes because they may urge students to make more effort to learn. Exam anxiety can be used as a motivational instrument in exam classes. When long enough, exam classes develop English language proficiency in addition to developing the exam taking techniques. It can be considered that setting clear standards for the different phases of the English language learning programme, designing appropriate syllabus, adopting convenient teaching materials and preparing students to pass a skills based exam are all the components that make exam classes effective for the context of the two institutes. Data were gathered from questionnaires, interviews and observations using the triangulation approach to verify the accuracy of the collected data. The project concludes that exam based classes that prepare students for skills based exams and that practice exam format are the most effective strategy for Vocational Education Development Centre and Secondary Technical School students to feel more responsible and take initiatives towards advancing their English language skills.
exam based classes, English language proficiency, secondary technical schools, Vocational Education Development Centre (VEDC), United Arab Emirates (UAE)