Experiences and Perceptions of Teachers and Parents about the Impact of the Moral Education Program Implementation in Dubai Schools

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Children are born as a blank slate, they need adults’ guidance to survive in their societies. From the old times, the major mission of schools was to equip students with both intellectual and moral values. The United Arab Emirates UAE acknowledges the role of Moral Education in helping young children to develop their own values and beliefs. To build a sustainable society based on respect, tolerance and ethics and to develop the next generation of leaders who are actively productive in their communities, the Moral Education policy was introduced in the UAE private and public schools for the 2017-2018 academic year. Therefore, this study aims to explore the impact of the implementation of the Moral Education policy in Dubai schools. A qualitative research design was used in this study. Teachers’ data was collected through a qualitative survey to explore their experiences and perceptions about the impact of the Moral Education policy in Dubai. On the other hand, interviews were used with parents for data collection. The research findings revealed that there is a lack of parents’ involvement with children’s academics, which is an essential factor for the effective implementation of the Moral Education program. Also, the study indicated that the Moral Education program is on the right path towards building students’ character traits and preparing more responsible individuals who have a sense of morality and appreciation of the UAE culture and other cultures.
moral education, character education, K-12 schools, private schools, public schools, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)