Is emotional intelligence an indicator of academic achievement for elementary school students in Dubai?

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
With the increasing challenges of educating today’s students, it has become necessary to look beyond mere cognitive abilities and knowledge acquisition and find other ways to reach the teenage heart and mind. One such other way of reaching students is through the affective domain or what has come to be known as emotional intelligence (El). The aim of this research is to study the relationship between emotional intelligence and academic achievement for elementary grade students, living in Dubai. Before performing the methodology, the literature consulted comprised the history of emotional intelligence and how the concept was developed, well known emotional intelligence theories, in addition to previously conducted research, similar to this paper, conducted in different geographical locations and circumstances. After that, the quantitative research method has been used for the purpose of this research, where the emotional intelligence test TEIQue-CSF (Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire – Child Short Form) was employed. A sample of 100 students has been selected. Their grades and emotional intelligence levels have been compared, trying to find a relationship. The findings suggest that no relationship occurs between the two. However, the data was not significant, so no assertions were made.
emotional intelligence, academic achievement, elementary school students, United Arab Emirates (UAE)