Lean Transformation in IT – Case Study

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Managing quality is crucial for all small and big organizations over the world. Meeting customers’ satisfactions and needs by providing a high standard of quality for services and products will uphold organizations’ image and reputation. A review of quality frameworks literature reveals that Lean production framework focuses in creating a culture of improvement by eliminating waste from organization’s process with lower cost. Lean applications have spanned in different fields including automobile, healthcare, education and other services. This study argues the success of implementing Lean principles in uncertain environments such as IT application development. Since there is no such research has been conducted in UAE or Arab world in implementing Lean in software development and IT, this research paper is considered as a pioneer research in the field of IT quality management The objective of this paper is to use a case-based approach to demonstrate how Lean principles and tools can help IT to enhance IT services quality, reduce cost and improve staff productivity. For this purpose a comparative case study method is used, two cases of the same financial institution were examined before implementing Lean and after implementing Lean. The study concentrates on analyzing the Lean transformation stages which are current state assessment, target state design and implementation and different tools which were used in each stage. Conclusively, Lean principles improve organization performance as it is using different tools to evaluate current issues in existing business processes and recommend changes in process architecture and organization structure to resolve these issues. The findings of this case study show that Lean principles help to maintain high quality of IT services with lower cost by reducing 10% of none-valued activities and other benefits.
lean principles, quality improvement, IT application development