Effectiveness of Career Guidance and Counselling: A Study among Higher Education Emirati Female Students in Northern Emirates

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Background: The 21st century has been categorized by globalization, and with continuous changes in the work environment and high demand for new jobs, career guidance and counselling has become an important topic. The education system is giving the new entry students the tools and knowledge to plan for their future, which is one of their primary goals. Career guidance and counselling can give the right direction and tools for students to set their career goals, providing them with a clear understanding of the education and skills that they need to meet their goals and support them in making good career decisions. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate the influencing factors of higher education students’ career choice and to find out the effective career guidance and counselling services that best support undergraduate students in the UAE. Methods: The researcher employed exploratory sequential mixed methods for this study. The mixed research methods included both qualitative and quantitative methods. These included a student questionnaire, student interviews, career advisor interviews and document analysis. Results: The main findings of this study indicated that there are two types of career guidance and counselling that have been provided for the students: - individual (face-to-face) sessions and group sessions, which more than 50% of the students like to attend. Also, participant students preferred their parents as the main resource for them in their career major choice with 36% which consider one of factor that effect students’ career major choice. Based on the students’ and the career advisors’ responses, the study additionally found that there are different career guidance services available for the students whenever they need support and guidance. Implications: Overall, all recommendations indicate the need to increase the awareness of the importance of the role of the career counsellor and students need to refer to their campus career counsellor for any career major issues. It has a beneficial impact on the students within career counselling and guidance activities and the students seek outcomes that are beneficial for their study life and future job because they can practice and improve skills such as: communication skills, leadership skills, time management, critical thinking skills and setting their goals,
Women in higher education., Women -- Vocational guidance., education system, career guidance, work environment