The Role of School Leadership in Promoting Teachers' Collaboration and its Impact on Students’ Achievement: Investigating the Perspectives and Views of School Leaders and Teachers in Two Private Schools in Sharjah, UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Despite the widely acknowledged importance of collaborative practices in enhancing instructional quality and fostering professional growth, there is a noticeable gap in understanding how school leaders in the private sector support and cultivate teacher collaboration and the subsequent impact on student achievement. Through a comprehensive examination of teachers' perceptions, this study seeks to uncover the strategies employed by school leaders to foster collaboration among educators. The research questions guide the study towards understanding the approach utilised by school leaders to foster effective collaboration and its impact on student achievement. Drawing from the existing literature and case studies, the study emphasises the critical role of strong leadership in cultivating a collaborative culture among teachers. Methodologically, the research employs both qualitative and quantitative methods to collect and analyse data from interviews and questionnaires conducted with leaders and teachers from two private schools in Sharjah. The findings indicate a clear correlation between effective instructional leadership, teacher collaboration, and improved student achievement, highlighting the significance of distributed leadership and professional development opportunities for educators. Regardless of the valuable insights the study offers, certain limitations, such as the sample size and geographic scope, are acknowledged. For future research, expanding the sample size across multiple emirates and extending the duration of the study to encompass data collection throughout the academic year are recommended. The implication of this research is relevant to schools and communities that can enhance student achievement and elevate academic standards, ultimately creating a more productive and positive learning environment for all stakeholders.
school leadership, teachers' collaboration, students' achievement