Supervision and the Effectiveness of Teachers Performance Evaluation in a Center for Special Needs A Case Study

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Teachers' Performance Evaluation and its impact on improving teachers' performance seems like an interesting topic. This study is conducted to provide information about the Performance Evaluation's effectiveness in enhancing Teachers' Performance and the role of supervision. The study presents information about the purpose of the Teachers' Performance Evaluation and the process itself in light of the elements that seem related to it and explains the supervisory leadership, which seems to be very much connected. It also provides information about the challenges and suggests some possible solutions. The research design used in this research was the case study by selecting one organization for this purpose. The organization was an ideal case for this study because the Performance Evaluation is used regularly. Data were collected through mixed methods, including interviews and surveys consisted of closed-ended questions and open-ended questions that targeted the teachers and the managers/supervisors involved in the Teachers' Performance Evaluation process. The study indicated that Teachers' Performance Evaluation plays an effective role in improving teachers’ performance and explained the supervisory leadership role's importance.
Teachers' Performance- Supervision- Performance Evaluation, teachers' performance, supervision, performance evaluation, leadership role