Big Data Governance and Innovation Performance: The Mediating Role of Big Data Analytics Capabilities, and Organisational Agility

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Big data governance has become a top consideration in Information Technology and business management due to exponential data growth and its various applications. However, despite the efforts of researchers and practitioners to examine its value, it is still unclear whether and how it drives firm’s innovation performance. To fill this gap, this study draws on the resource-based view, the dynamic capabilities view, and recent literature on big data governance and big data analytics capabilities (BDACs) to examine the relationship between big data governance and innovation performance, while focusing on the mediating roles of BDACs and organisational agility in this relationship. To test the hypotheses presented in the study’s conceptual framework, a partial least squares- structural equation modelling approach was used and the questionnaire responses from 152 enterprises from various industries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries were analysed. The study’s main findings are that BDACs fully mediate the big data governance relationships with innovation performance and organisational agility. Evidence of significant serial mediation by BDACs and organisational agility between big data governance and innovation performance was also found. The study highlights the importance of BDACs and organisational agility in enacting the relationship between big data governance and innovation performance. For GCC firms, the ability of management to develop and deploy an appropriate combination of essential resources depends on their resources and capabilities (big data governance, BDACs, and organisational agility), leading towards the improvement of firm innovation performance.