Employee motivation and work performance in the private sector of the UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Employees’ work performance is directly related to the motivation provided to the employees. The project is intended to identify the relationship between the motivation and the employees’ work performance in the private sector companies in the region restricted to the United Arab Emirates. The discussion has started with an introduction to the topic, and an identification of the hypothesis required for the research. The research questions are identified which will be then attempted to be answered during the course of the research. The importance of the research is discussed in this section along with a small introduction as to who the research will be carried over and the structure of the research document as well. For supporting the discussion, the literature review of various previous researches is very essential. The same topic discussed in this research is reviewed and analysed in various previous scenarios by different authors. These works are referred in the literature review section of this document. Methodology of the research is also discussed in the following section. Various assumptions required for the course of this research will be made in this section, which also includes devising of methodologies for carrying out the research. The research was conducted using the qualitative data collected through the questionnaire based survey and the resultant data are analysed using the quantitative method of analysis. 200 individuals who are associated with the private sectors in UAE will be used as a sample for doing this survey and data collection. These data will be analysed towards testing the hypothesis assumed in the introduction part of the research analysis and hence a final conclusion will be arrived at after the analysis. This research is testing the relationship between the motivation among the employees and their performance output in the private sectors; hence the motivational factors such as the financial benefits, career opportunities, social security, psychological needs, and various such factors will be considered for the analysis.
employee motivation, work performance, private sector, United Arab Emirates (UAE)