Case Study of Hybrid Learning at Kindergarten in UAE - Abu Dhabi

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The British University in Dubai
This case study about hybrid learning in UAE – Abu Dhabi and whether hybrid learning helps students to achieve mastery in various fields. This study is situated at kindergarten school in Abu Dhabi. I collected the data through quantitative and qualitative methods. The overall numbers of participants is almost 89, consisting 69 of parents, teachers and administrators from Emirates School Establishment (ESE) and 20 students from KG-2. The qualitative methods throughout questionnaire and in quantitative we explored the percentage of participants based on their gender, having kids, kids in kindergarten, their knowledge of hybrid learning and what their preference is. This study concludes with the fact of hybrid learning will play a large role in education in the future than just traditional lectures. It will give the students, teachers, and administrators the flexibility throughout their teaching and learning journey.
hybrid learning, kindergarten, United Arab Emirates (UAE), teaching and learning