A Qualitative Investigation into Co-education in Elementary Schools and Its Impact on the Students’ Behaviours and Learning Environment: United Arab Emirates

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The focus of this research is on the analysis of co-education in the UAE for elementary school students. The study is of high significance given the expanding scope of the education global. In order to achieve the findings as per the research objectives, this research has used a qualitative analysis approach based on a semi-structured interview approach. A total of twenty elementary school teachers were interviewed concerning co-education in elementary schools and its impact on the students’ behaviours and learning environment in the UAE. The analysis was held using a thematic analysis. The findings show that co-education does have an impact on the student’s behaviour and learning environment. Based on the analysis performed, it was observed that gender equality was achieved, and the students were able to gain more confidence, more engagement, and show more attention. The learning environment was also found to have improved among the Arab classroom.
co-education, elementary Schools, learning environment, United Arab Emirates (UAE)