Risk Management in Agile Software Development in UAE Governmental Sector

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Industry 4.0 has evolved project development methods to a more modern approach. Agile methods were emerged in response to the increased number of computer and IT- based projects. There is a growing need that risk management requires to be evolved alongside with new model agile software development in order to cope with changes in the field. However, as it been observed from recent studies, there is a lack of aligning the risk management mitigation strategies with the modern approach of agile software development. This research aims to examine the influence of the common agile risks and mitigation strategies in an association with agile software development impacts of projects aspects in UAE government. By conducting this research, the authors will be able to recongisnze the different agile risks and risk mitigation strategies that contributes to the agile project aspects success. The research employed a positivist philosophy and a quantitative deductive approach. The survey instruments were developed from previous literature and validated by scholars and industry experts. The sample frame is developed from the Dubai government IT sectors. The data were collected from 201 agile practicioiners using a self-administered online survey questionnaire. The confirmatory factor analysis indicated the validity and reliability of the measurement scales, and structural equation modelling techniques were used to test the research developed hypotheses. The results demonstrated that there is a direct 2 relation between agile risks with the most identified projects aspects. The result also showed that agile mitigation strategies partially mediating the relationship between agile risks and identified project aspects. This research contributes to the field of software-based projects and how their success can be increased with considering the proper risk management approach.
risk management, agile software development, project's aspects, United Arab Emirates (UAE), government employees, UAE government