Influence of innovation perception on the success of the innovative construction projects in UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Innovation has been the focus of many researchers and literatures with different applications and contexts. However, the subject of innovation perception regarding the construction industry in UAE has not been fully covered. Also, it is noticeable that there are gaps need to be filled in relation to innovation perception and its influence on successful innovative construction projects which can contribute to the overall construction innovation in UAE. This study’s purpose is to test the rationality and significance of innovation perception factors that trigger the success of innovative construction projects in UAE context. The researcher has chosen the quantitative approach to investigate the innovation perception factors and their influence on the innovative construction projects in UAE. The research hypotheses were developed from the literature review of many previous studies that have explored and confirmed this aspect through statistical findings and the analysis of many survey results. Most of the studied surveys were based on the construction expert candidates who are working in the industry. All data were analyzed using the SPSS software for data analyses. A total of ten innovation perception factors of the UAE construction project are significantly correlated with each other and with successful innovation measure factors. These factors are also regressed with the successful innovation measure factors with significant results. The test results based on the study survey are calculated by the size of the sample collected and their education, years of experience, etc. Further research is required in order to cover a wider section of construction in the different sectors of the UAE construction industry. As per the findings of the different research and studies, some recommendations are provided by the researcher to improve the success rate of innovative construction projects in UAE. The study findings also identify the innovation perception enhancer factors within the construction firms in the country. The study survey questionnaire also tests the analysis implemented to gather all the components collected to develop the logic of the study. The study gets its importance from the data integrated from the literature review, validated through qualitative research and finally verified through many statics' tests in this paper.
innovations construction, construction projects, United Arab Emirates (UAE)