Predicting Passenger's Behavior by Using Association Rules in Data Mining

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Data mining is considered as one of the most powerful and contemporary tools in extracting massive and valuable data and information from several standard database formats that all different kinds of public and private organizations use in their daily operations and processes. In this thesis, the data type used is only one of millions of other possibilities and examples around the world where data is a real need for enhanced business operations and improved service offerings. This dissertation offers a holistic proposal for utilizing data mining tools and technologies with the objective of collecting big volume of personal and demographic information about anonymous everyday public transport users. This will contribute well to the vision and strategy of one of Gulf Cites. Furthermore, it will assist the Road and Transport Authority in enhancing the levels of its service reliability and dependability while improving its security and safety measures and surveillance systems which offer priceless benefit to local community, its stability and prosperity. Dealing with this huge volume of transactions could be very challenging. Chapter: Data Preparation in this thesis explains in a lot of details how data can be gathered all the way to the phases where data is organized, processed, reported and accessed. The data pre-processing phase touches on several topics such as handling the missing data, duplicating and writing some back-end procedures in order to modify the logic of current graphical data and move it to different table structure to be more fit for purpose. As per the research conducted in this theses, it has proved to be very challenging to find any similar studies in the whole Middle East and Africa that look into and analyses the behaviors of public transport passengers using a data mining technology. This makes this thesis more unique and hopefully many other specialized studies and researches in the region will follow and contribute to what is fast becoming a compelling need in our today’s business management and operations in the whole world.
data mining, association rules, public transport, Road and Transport Authority (RTA)