A Study on Restrictions on Financing Entrepreneurs’ Startup Companies & Reasons Behind Limiting UAE National Entrepreneurs To A Certain Type Of Business

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The United Arab Emirates economy is considered one of the highest in the Arab world due to the oil industry. The UAE government’s rules and regulations, such as tax-free income, has promoted more business growth and succeeded in attracting more investment to the country. As a result, the entrepreneurship movement has been rising in the UAE since 1995. SMEs and startup companies have started to increase in business across the UAE in different fields. However, entrepreneurs are facing hardships when it comes to financing their startup businesses since UAE banks are very selective.. Thus, some entrepreneur agencies have begun to finance entrepreneurs’ companies but under specific conditions. The focus of this research is to highlight the fact that UAE national entrepreneurs are facing problems in financing their startup companies, consequently leading to limited options for the type of business they can have.
UAE national entrepreneurs, financing entrepreneurs’, United Arab Emirates (UAE), UAE banks