Talent Management in UAE: A study of contemporary practices in the banking industry

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The social science and practices of human resource management have developed along with the changes across industries, countries, technology and other sources of knowledge. One of the relatively recent and promising innovations in human resources is talent management. Over the last few years talent management practices have made their way in to the local and international organizations in UAE, providing them with tools and techniques to attract, develop and retain their talented employees. In this dissertation, talent management’s implementation in the UAE is investigated and compared to global best practices on talent selection, development and retention. It also studies what this developing science might offer in the future and assesses how it should overcome its current challenges. Particular attention is given to tackling national talent issues such as developing capabilities and careers, dealing with challenges to the vision of the future from Emiratization and UAE perspectives since the research is focused on the UAE context. The main source of primary data is based on interviews with a sample of 15 employees, using a detailed interview schedule designed for qualitative research study. The sample was drawn from one of the largest international banks in the UAE that has applied talent management practices within the financial services industry, which is one of the most advanced and competitive industry sectors in the UAE. Many of the practices of talent management and Emiratization implemented in the company and the country can be improved further for the programs to achieve their objectives more effectively. A road map is required for new talent management programs and implementation strategies, if the UAE is to build its national talent pool more extensively than before. For example, robust plans should be developed which are linked to the organization’s objectives for talent management. The organizational strategy should be supported by clear and well communicated processes and procedures, customized and up to date talent management plans and programs, situated within the national context of an improved educational system, together with better marketing and explanation of the nationalization programs’ aims and objectives.
talent management, United Arab Emirates (UAE), banking industry, Emiratization