Male and Female Teacher Views and Opinions on Integration of SEN Students

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Globally, the education sector plays an instrumental role in both the developed and emerging nations. Notably, the special education needs are critical as it enhances an ideal collaboration with all the education sector supporting human capital development and innovation. The study is based on the observation that Dubai, UAE has enacted significant changes in the education sector as a critical determinant of an inclusive educational system with SEN students included. Nevertheless, previous research has not been able to evaluate the extent to which the views and opinions of the teachers play the role of enhancing a successful inclusion of SEN students. The data used in achieving the aim of the research was collected through the questionnaire survey method and actively supplemented using the secondary data sources including academic sources and journals. It has been noted that the Dubai, UAE students possess positive perceptions on the issue of inclusion of SEN students and they are actively playing the roles of inclusion. The government policies and curriculum changes have successfully been part of the change in the perceptions of the teachers. Also, the views are similar for the male and female teachers despite having a different understanding of the issue of inclusion. The analysis has noted that the male and teachers views and opinions on the inclusion of SEN students influence on the scope of inclusion and how it is successfully implemented. Lastly, different recommendations have been suggested in improving the current views and opinions of the teachers on the issue of integration. The recommendations include creating a comprehensive market awareness, a universal design for learning process, increasing funding in the inclusion process, focusing on specific areas of specialism and advocating for the need of having a gradual transition in the education system.
Inclusive education., SEN Students, education sector, United Arab Emirates (UAE)