Language and Cultural Attitudes of Indian Children living in Dubai

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This study explores the cultural, language and identity attitudes of the Indian children living in Dubai. The study uses both the quantitative and qualitative research methods and is based on the previous research on language and identity. The research methods used are the questionnaires and single interviews. The children investigated in this study are from both India and Dubai. The variables used for the testing are the gender, income, medium of instruction and place of residence. The investigation shows that the children in Dubai prefer to follow the western culture especially when it comes to watching television and listening to music. They prefer to speak English with friends and in social gatherings but prefer to speak their mother tongue at home. The interviews point in the similar direction as well. The implication for such change in attitude is attributed to the multicultural society they live in.
language, cultural attitudes, Indian children, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), english language