Chatbots: Can They Satisfy Customers in the Banking Sector?

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Purpose – The purpose of this research was to investigate and explore the influence of chatbots service quality on customer satisfaction in the banking sector. Methodology – The sample size for this research was determined to be 25, sufficient to achieve data saturation. This research utilised qualitative inductive research approach, exploratory in nature, implementing non-probability, stratified purposeful sampling technique, based on the age category of commercial bank consumers. Findings – Overall, a total of eleven themes and sub-themes emerged from the gathered data, resulting in three aggregate dimensions, which were “perceived chatbot service quality”, “customer satisfaction” and “responses and intentions”. Practical implications – The study could be extended for different target market, creative strategy, other media and more countries. The findings of this research aimed to help banks further understand customer satisfaction, along with their responses and intentions, when it comes to interacting with chatbots. Originality/value – This research added value to customer experience, which mattered the most, when it comes to them being satisfied with their interaction with chatbot. The output of this research developed a conceptual framework which identified the factors causing customer dissatisfaction once they interacted with chatbots.
This open access book presents contributions on a wide range of scientific areas originating from the BUiD Doctoral Research Conference (BDRC 2023)
chatbots, artificial intelligence, customer satisfaction, intentions, Word of Mouth (WOM), Technology Acceptance Model 2 (TAM 2)
Qureshi, O.A., Wilkins, S., Iqbal, H. (2024). Chatbots: Can They Satisfy Customers in the Banking Sector?. In: Al Marri, K., Mir, F.A., David, S.A., Al-Emran, M. (eds) BUiD Doctoral Research Conference 2023. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, vol 473. Springer, Cham.