The Effect of the leadership role of school governing bodies on the performance of students

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
School is an integral part of a person's life. Most of learners' hood is spent at an educational institution rather than at home. So, the kind of environment the minds of Learners have exposed to plays a major role in their physical, mental and emotional growth. Care must be taken towards the effective nurturing of brilliant minds. For this to happen, the way a school is governed plays a major role. A School Governing Body (SGB) that beliefs in the necessity of a great education can help kids grow to a vast extent. It can also inculcate the mindset which thrives for knowledge and doesn't stop after school. For the past many years, UAE has seen a constant rise in the number of Learners who are choosing to pursue higher education, aiming to be one of the top 20 countries in the Program for International Learners Assessment (PISA) rankings. (Kamal, 2018). In addition to the educational part, SGB also undertakes the financial responsibilities of an educational institution to ensure the learners are facilitated to a greater extent by all means possible that would lead them to be independent learners and responsible members of society in the future. The SGB, as a notion and praxis, originated from the prerequisite to involve the core members in an educational sector especially parents. The postulation was that school development is mainly reliant on errands deputized to the public, especially parents with regards to an educational institution. However, the study examined the subject by a literature evaluation on SGB, reflection, and consultations. The statistics collected were set under certain refrains and manually scrutinized and construed. The research discloses that • Parents and guardians are beginning to see themselves as equal associates with teachers in the learning pathway of their youngsters. • The enhancement in Learner performance is the co-responsibility of the parents, teachers, and the SGB of the school. • Parents and guardians emphasize being empowered with applicable skills to support the learning of their youngsters collaboratively with the teachers and the SGB. • Considering the 'New Normal' era that we all are living in; parents extend their supportive hands to a greater extent to be a vital part of their youngsters' education to keep pace with the current learning trends and educators at school. Educational institutions have always been a place where changes are evolved to ensure the betterment of the future of mankind. The School Governing Body, like any other person directly involved in the practice of teaching and learning daily, aims to promote the best interest of the learners in their care to ensure the development and growth of minds. SGB commences by adopting a vision and mission for the educational institution that plays the role of the main aim the school is built upon followed by the policies and procedure and code of conduct for the learners and educators which sets out the disciplinary measures across all the phases. Therefore, SGB is a statutory body of parents, educators, support staff, and Learners who work together collaboratively to promote the well-being and effectiveness of the school community and thereby enhance learning and teaching. The research is based on both the quantitative and qualitative data on the effectiveness of the leadership role by the SGB in an educational institution, impacting and shaping the young minds for a better future of mankind.
leadership role, educational institution, performance of students, School Governing Body (SGB), United Arab Emirates (UAE), educational sector