A Practical Framework for Delay Claims in the UAE What are the key topics that a legal practitioner should be aware of?

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Undoubtedly, construction disputes could be considered as one of the most complicated disputes in the legal community. It includes tremendous arguments from both technical and legal perspectives. Such complexity leads to extending the time of the dispute which means more costs on both employers and contractors, and definitely more loss to one of them. In 2017, it was reported that the main causes of the construction disputes in the Middle East, relate primarily to delay. The report also shows how long the disputes averaged in 2017. Which makes delay in construction one of the most desirable-key topics to be addressed and covered within both construction and legal communities. Generally, delay disputes should be dealt with high-level of knowledge of the different technical aspects of the construction industry in order to shorten the time of the dispute as much as it would be possible. As such, legal practitioners who are directly involving in delay disputes should be fully aware of the legal framework of such kind of disputes in order to know how to win such complex kind of legal battles. The research will cover the practical legal framework of delay disputes in the UAE, including particular comparative topics compared with the practice under the common law system.
delay claims, United Arab Emirates (UAE), legal practitioner, construction disputes, legal community, law